I'm Kimmo Sääskilahti, software developer and researcher at Meeshkan.

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As developer, I enjoy...

  • Writing clean code
  • Employing functional programming
  • Writing tests
  • Designing solid and performant pipelines
  • Modular architecture

As researcher, I love...

  • Reproducible pipelines
  • Simple before complex
  • Bayesian methods

Work experience

At Meeshkan

As the second most senior employee at Meeshkan, I've been actively involved in defining vision and mission for the company.

With my colleagues I've created front-ends, backends, command-line tools, databases, logging, monitoring as well as analytics solutions to power our build-measure-learn cycle.

We've written code mostly in TypeScript and Python, using tools such as PyTorch, Amazon SageMaker, GraphQL, Next.js, Gatsby, GraphQL and Prisma.

At IndoorAtlas

I developed radio positioning algorithms using Matlab and implemented them in production using Java and Scala with Apache Spark and Cassandra. I also lead the bluetooth positioning project.

I stored algorithm performance metrics to ElasticSearch and created a front-end UI for comparing algorithms.

I was the Data team lead responsible for processing high-volume end-user positioning data and exposing data through a REST API and front-end UI.


I got my education at Aalto University.

Other experience

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